Welcome to Moynahans Australia!

Moynahans Australia offers premium quality men’s ties and accessories expertly crafted from silk and leather. Each product comes presented in a complimentary gift box and has a money back guarantee! 

Shop Silk Ties & Tie Sets

Our men's ties are crafted from 100% silk and can be purchased in tie sets with matching cufflinks and 100% silk pocket square. Our silk ties have a luxurious 100% wool interlining and are stain resistant.

Shop Silk Pocket Squares

Our men's pocket squares are crafted from 100% silk and come presented in a complimentary pocket square box. They are perfect for business or wedding attire and are the ideal size for a jacket pocket.

Shop Men's Cufflinks

Our men's cufflinks are expertly crafted from the highest quality metals and are covered in luxury silk for a touch of elegance. They come presented in their own complimentary custom-made cufflinks box.

Shop Silk Bow Ties

Our men's bow ties are expertly crafted from 100% silk and come presented in a complimentary bow tie box. Our bow ties can be purchased in bow tie sets with matching cufflinks and silk pocket square.

Shop Leather Wallets

Our men's wallets are crafted from genuine, full-grain, top-layer leather. They have two cash slots, five card slots, one ID window and two side pockets behind the card slots where larger cards can be kept.

Shop Leather Belts

Our men's belts are crafted from genuine, full-grain leather. The quality of our belts is exceptional - everything from the leather to the buckle to the craftsmanship and they are available in six waist sizes.

Emma (Melbourne)

"I’ve seen expensive ties in stores that just aren’t worth the money you pay for them. I’m glad to have found your company! Your matching tie sets make it a breeze for my partner to match with his business shirts and he loves them. Your luxurious tie designs also look classy, especially when done up with the full windsor knot because of the gorgeous thick material. Thank you again for all of your help and excellent service and we look forward to shopping again with you very soon. It has been an absolute pleasure!"

Marley (Sydney)

"The seven sets of ties I ordered with matching pocket squares and cufflinks were absolutely wonderful in design and sensational in quality, material and colours. I’m thinking of getting a few more soon for gifts, as well as another silver one for my fiancé to complete a colour in each set, so I'll be in touch again. Each year we have tried searching for ties in stores and without fail, we are lucky to find one that both looks good in design and has the quality that we are looking for. Now, finally the search is over!"